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Lent Devotionals: Tuesday, April 4

In Weakness We Are Strong

I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with the children here at Granbury First. I am also incredibly humbled. It doesn’t take long in working with kids to realize that although they are no where near ready to take care of themselves, they have an incredible amount of strength in their little versions of their future selves.
You see when you witness a 3 or 4 year old place their hands on the hands or heads of other children and tell them they are special and that they are loved by Jesus, you realize that God is working in powerful ways. These children don’t need prompting, they freely and loving jump at the chance to be the one to perform these tasks.
Each Wednesday as we have lessons and crafts/activities set out for them to accomplish, it amazes me that they are not as concerned with crafts and activities.  They don’t tire of reading the scriptures each week.  They enjoy the questions that make them think deeper about what we read.  These children love having the opportunity to talk about their joys and their concerns.  They love praying together and lifting those joys and concerns up to God.  They don’t complain that prayer time might have taken up the time for crafts and activities.
Listening to them share stories about standing up to friends who treat other kids badly, listening as you know they are going through the heartbreak of loss and they only ask for prayers for someone that they love, and listening as they share their trials and watching as the other children encourage them.  You see in their weakness the wonderful strength of God works in wondrous ways.
They do not boast, it all comes naturally to them.  I like to say we (adults) are called to be like them, they are not called to be like us.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t get tears in my eyes as I witness their compassion and their love.  Through those tear filled eyes, I pray that God helps me to be like them.
May you freely and lovingly lose yourself during this Lenten season so that you can witness God’s strength in your weakness.    Ponder the question, what would our church look like if we approached it with the wonder, excitement, and awe of a child?
Karen Cooper
Children’s Ministry Director