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Lent Devotionals: Wednesday, April 5

What Comforts You?


What comforts you? Homemade chicken soup? A warm blanket? A roof over your head? Knowing you have enough money to pay the bills? A padded retirement account?
It occurred to me that so often in our discomforts that we seek an external source to fix an internal fear, pain, or heartache. When anxious or irritated, I tend to choose sugar. Preferably, mixed with cream, frozen, and donning a gold rim. If I have a choice at any given time of frustration and discomfort, I choose a big hug from my wife. When I feel blue, I am comforted by my daughter crawling up in my lap and cuddling with me. However, when the externals of life are absent and unavailable, and when friends are busy, I turn to God…to prayer, to scripture…to Christian music.
It’s sad that God is last on my list, don’t you think?
If I trusted more in God’s promises in my fretful moments, I’d have no need of sugar-laced treats which lose their calming comfort the moment they melt in my mouth. Though God has blessed me with family and friends, my greatest comfort is knowing Him and the refuge I find in His presence. Why is my memory so short?
Sometimes I turn my world upside down. I first seek the things which bring temporary comfort and pleasure, rather than the LORD and His righteousness. His grace is sufficient to meet my needs. He is enough in my darkness. He is enough in my distress. He is enough in my emptiness. It is when I forget that truth and let the world bear down upon me without looking to Him, that I seek the things of earth to stop my fears, to soothe my troubled mind. When things are not enough, I turn to people for companionship to fill a void…and people are never enough.
We always seem to search for tangible sources of comfort. All the while…God waits. Open arms. He never moves. He never changes. He is enough.
An abiding fellowship with Christ is where God plans to take me each time I turn to Him in need. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Josh Leblo

Youth Ministry Director