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Lent Devotionals: Thursday, March 16

Fight the ADD

In my second year at McMurry, I came to a point where my GPA was at an all time low.  Looking back, there were a number of contributing factors such as laziness, lack of maturity, and a general affinity to all aspects of University campus life.  But, it could not all be explained away so easily.  Desperate to find answers, I went to the Family Psychology Center across Abilene at Hardin-Simmons University.  They administered a few tests, which they followed up with some counseling sessions and I was diagnosed with ADHD…shocker.
Following the diagnosis, I was prescribed some medication called Strattera that changed my life in an incredible way.  Over the next few semesters, my 1.6 GPA had jumped to around 3.2, and I later finished grad school with a GPA of around 3.5!  The distractions still came, but the medicine I was taking helped minimize them so that I could remain focused on the task at hand.  Additionally, it was always apparent when I had skipped a dose.  In fact, those close to me would often ask, “Corey, have you taken your medicine today?” 
As we go through our day-to-day lives, we will be faced with a myriad of voices and distractions…especially through this season of Lent.  Life happens.  The good news is, that we have a prescription to help us stay focused on God… the Word.  As we continue on this journey in the wilderness, make an intentional effort to spend time in the Word.
The distractions will come, and the temptations of taking the easier way will hit.  When they do, “Have you taken your medicine today?”
Rev. Corey Moses
Associate Pastor

Lent Devotionals: Wednesday, March 15

Road Trip

One of my favorite things to do is go on a road trip. As the trip draws nearer, I plan out the route and make sure I have everything I need to have a successful trip. I always head to the store the day before the trip to buy the last minute stuff, and inevitably end up on the snack aisle.  Of course by this point in the day I am starving and before long I have enough snacks to last me weeks in a global apocalypse. I check out, trying to not make eye contact with the cashier, to not see the judgment over the 5 boxes of zebra cakes I had just purchased. I get home and I pack everything up nice and neat, and get the car ready for the trip the next morning.
As I get in bed ready for the trip, I find that my mind is racing over everything that has to happen in the morning before we leave. Suddenly, I realize it is 2 am. The alarm goes off. 6 am came fast! I snooze the alarm and say 15 more minutes, that quickly turn into 45 minutes. I get up and get loaded and check the clock. It’s only 7:30, not too far behind. I plug our destination into my phone’s GPS and it states that we will arrive at 8:30 pm, not ideal but manageable. I put the car in drive and we are out on the road; the vacation has begun!
Then I see it… Starbucks, I remember how tired I am and I pull into the drive thru. I order my deliciously overpriced beverage, and as I receive it I look down at the ETA on the GPS… 9 pm. Where did 30 minutes go? I get back on track and make up a little bit of time talking and laughing and telling stories with my family.  Then it hits me, my digestive system has done its job with the coffee and I need to use the restroom. We find a place to stop. “I’ll be fast. In and out.” I say to myself as I run inside. I take care of business, and as I head out I find myself looking at the snacks. I grab a soda and some beef jerky. I get in the car and have lost all the time I have made up, and then some. This pattern continues throughout the trip and we finally arrive at our destination and it is 11:15pm. I am exhausted and start to unpack the car. As I do, I come across the horde of snacks I had purchased the day before… untouched. I had spent all this time planning and preparing for the trip, purchasing resources to help us stay on course and on time, but in the spur of the moment, I didn’t use them. I allowed my lack of self control and the temptations of what was easy to get in the way of my end goal.
In our spiritual walk, how many times do we let what is easy and right in front of us get in the way between us and God? What is your biggest off ramp on your road to Sanctification? How can we do better using and remembering the provisions God has given to us?
Josh Leblo
Youth Ministry Director