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Lent Devotionals: Thursday, March 9

I Need a Charger!

I think the most used phrase in our household is, “Where’s the phone charger?” or some variation thereof.  Our phones have become our lifeline, and when the power level of that lifeline is in the red we scurry around to find the one thing that can resuscitate the item that we somehow have come to view as our connection to the outside world.  Ok…I’m over exaggerating, but the fact remains that our spiritual lives are no different.
In our scripture for this coming Sunday, Moses and his “encouraging” band of followers find themselves in a time and place where they really are cut off from the rest of the world and are forced to rely solely on God’s provision. Were I in that situation, I would likely react in much the same way as they did…panic and complaining. 
The point is, that if we want to not only, live, but thrive we must have times and seasons where we are unplugged from our normal routine so that we can recharge.  Not all cell phones require the same type of cord to charge, and in much the same way we each have our own thing that helps us recharge.  For me, there is nothing like being in the middle of the mountains with a fly rod in my hand.  Just me and my creator, alone in the wilderness,  with only the sound of the creek gently flowing over the rocks will restore my soul like nothing else. 
Throughout these 40 days of Lent, I invite you on a journey.  What do you need to unplug from to recharge?  What do you need to plug in?  Moses and the Israelites were forced into the wilderness to meet God…what is your wilderness?
Rev. Corey Moses

Associate Pastor

Lent Devotionals: Wednesday, March 8

Defining Moments

Defining moments can be found in…a country’s politics, in wars, in acts of aggression and terror, in natural calamities such as earthquakes and tsunami’s, floods, avalanches, hurricanes and tornadoes, in the calamities of death, divorce…you can go on and on. Lives are disrupted, impacted and forever changed…not by the moment itself, but by our actions following. We could choose to wallow in self pity and blame those whom we see at fault, or we can rise up, push through, and get passed it.
When I was younger my parents got a divorce. My dad left my family for a new life, and as a young child I couldn’t comprehend what all was going on. In that time I blamed my brother, an infant, I would sometimes do things that were downright cruel to him, and he did nothing to deserve it. Being a parent is hard and mistakes are made along the way. I harbored ill feelings towards my father through most of high school, but something happened when I got near the age he was when he left. I was able to empathize and somewhat understand his motivations. He wasn’t leaving us as much as running out of fear and the issues of failure that he struggled with. I now know that I was projecting the pain I felt and the thoughts that it was my fault onto my brother. I also know that my father leaving was out of his own perceptions of himself, not the failures of a four year old.  
When Jesus was forced into the desert for forty days he could have done just that. He could have blamed others and focused on the bad, but instead he used it as a time of preparation and reflection. He comes out proclaiming the good news.
So I ask you:
How are you responding to your defining moments?
What are your actions defining about you?
Where are you harboring ill feelings that can be let go?

Josh Leblo
Youth Ministry Director