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Lent Devotionals: Wednesday, March 1

Lemons to Lemonade

In the text this week there is a powerful example of God opening Israel’s eyes to His availability. Just after the Israelites had been delivered from Pharaoh’s army, they went into the desert where they had no water. God led them to the waters of Marah. God led them to waters which could not be consumed. He did not lead them there to drink bitter water, but to change the water from bitter to sweet.

We may have been faced with “lemons” many times in our lives. Situations, problems, or tragedies will arise to challenge our walk with God. The Holy Spirit has come to provide the wisdom, counsel, or might we need to turn those waters of life from bitter to sweet!

God told Moses to take the tree and put it into the water. Moses’ obedience brought a miracle, and the miracle brought a revelation: God did not want them to drink bitter waters. He is a good God; and Israel needed to know that. If they would simply obey Him, He would provide for them.
Josh Leblo
Youth Ministry Director

Lent Devotionals: Tuesday, February 28

I’m Thirsty

If you have ever had children or worked with children, you understand the meltdowns that occur when they are tired, when they are bored, and especially when they don’t get their way.
These meltdowns are not reserved only for children. I have often said, children are well, children; older adults can revert back to children also. And so in the middle, do we think we are any different—We are all children!
You see Moses was experiencing these same issues with the Israelites after three days in the desert.  These grumblings were not just the small children, but all of the children (young and old alike).   You can hear them, “It’s hot”, “My feet hurt”, “This water is nasty”, “I’m thirsty”.
It’s funny to read those words or to reassure young children when they say them.  It is something totally different when these words are spoken by children that are older, or as we like to call them, adults.  We like our comfort zone and are not very happy when we have to step outside of it.  I have to say I am guilty of that more than I would care to admit.  Then when God provides, just as He provided clean water for the Israelites, there is that small child-like voice that says,  “Thank you God, I knew you would take care of me.”   
Isn’t it wonderful that we have a God that loves us just as He loved the Israelites.  He is a God that is going to provide for us even when we mumble, we grumble, and we complain.  God is constant he gives us just what we need when we need it.  We have to trust Him.  
 As for comfort zones, I am going to remind myself throughout this Lenten season, that He assumed the most uncomfortable role just for me.
Karen Cooper
Children’s Ministry Director