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Lent Devotionals: Wednesday, April 12

Let There Be Light


There are times in our lives when darkness seems to engulf us; times when hope seems to be the last possible thing that we could imagine feeling. Often it sneaks up on us when we are not looking. It can take our breath away with how quickly it takes over our ordinary lives and creates a new normal for us to live in. We end up marking time the rest of our lives with the arrival of this uninvited guest; Before _______ and After _______.
For some of you, there does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of you have a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may have weathered the first part of the storm, but something larger is approaching. And still some feel confident that you were able to overcome this “minor interruption,” but in the back of your mind as you drift to sleep doubts begin to creep in.
So do we have hope? Yes, Jesus walked this path with us. His life wasn’t interrupted, because He knows all things; but when He, as a man, felt the magnitude of the loss of Lazarus, He wept. And he weeps with us. He gives us permission to be undone. He holds us there and is our light in the darkness.

Josh Leblo

Youth Ministry Director

Lent Devotionals: Tuesday, April 11

What More Do We Need?

I love how Paul tells us that we are ambassadors! Have you ever given much thought to what an ambassador is? Now most of the time when we think of ambassador’s we see someone serving in the capacity of a government representative that represents our country to foreign countries.
In the dictionary the list of related words includes minister, apostle and messenger. WOW! With that in mind, Paul is trying to tell all of us that we are all called to serve in these capacities. Are there times when we are afraid to share Christ’s message with others? Are there times when we feel it is someone else’s responsibility to share? Or maybe it’s really simple. The people we are going to share this message with might see that we aren’t perfect.
Well, we aren’t perfect. Neither was Paul. How wonderful is it to think that in our imperfection God trusts us to share the message with others. He considers us His ambassadors, Christ’s representatives. Even though we are not perfect and we will fall short, God still trusts us. So much so that He was willing to die for us. On that Good Friday when he took his last breath, all hope seemed lost, but through it we all were blessed. You see in that moment anything that could keep us from God was taken away. There is no longer anything that can separate us from Him except for ourselves.
The grave could not hold him. Death couldn’t keep him. So we gather to worship and sing praises for the ultimate sacrifice made for us. The gift of unconditional love, mercy, and grace extended to each and every one of us. It is not limited. It is not reserved for just a portion of our world. It is not just for us. It is for everyone!
How many people do you know in our world today that needs to hear a message of reconciliation? How many people are living broken lives and not hearing about the one who can create a new creation in them? Maybe the things that frustrate us or make us angry, maybe the things that break our hearts, or even the things we find to complain about are God’s way of saying DO SOMETHING! He loves us, he’ll never forsake us, he will provide. What more do we need?

Karen Cooper
Children’s Ministry Director