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Lent Devotionals: Thursday, March 30

I Need You

In the summer of 2007, I had just finished my first semester of graduate school at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene while serving as Minister of Music at FBC Winters. It was August 8 when our lives changed forever. We welcomed into the world a beautiful, little baby girl named Cadence. It was one of the most staggering moments of my life.

For the most part the labor and delivery went about as smooth as it possibly could and at that moment when Cadence entered the world the nurses all sprung into action. Cadence, however, was a bit cranky. She cried, and cried, and cried, mostly because I think she was cold and hungry. So, the nurse took her over to the warming tray to get her cleaned up and get her warm. I will never forget the following moments. After I made sure that Katie was okay and that everything was under control, I walked over to the table where Cadence was still incredibly unhappy and screaming. I reached up and put my finger in the middle of her tiny palm as I gently and calmly said her name, “Cadence.” As her reflexes kicked in, her tiny hand closed around my finger gripping it tightly. She stopped crying, our eyes met, and it was mesmerizing. I was immediately lost in her big brown eyes as if I had been swallowed by a black hole. It was like in the movies when a character seems hypnotized and everything else drowns out and fades away. All I could see were those eyes, they were all that mattered. I could not have broken their spell if I wanted to.

In that brief moment of silence that felt like eternity as our eyes locked, I saw pure unconditional love. But that’s not all. In the ocean of her eyes I felt every fiber of my being hear her say very clearly, “I need you.” “I’m depending on you to care for me, to provide for me, to protect me, and to take care of me in every way because I can’t do it. I need you.” That’s dependence!

God’s desire for each of us is that we depend on God rather than ourselves. You see the difference is, that the failings and misguided shortcomings of me as Cadence and Caroline’s father don’t exist with God. God can handle it. God will not fail us. God will not let us down. So, what about you? Do you depend on God or you depend on yourself? Do you trust God’s promises that God will never leave us or forsake us or do you need to attempt to cling to control? Dependence is about surrender. This coming Sunday we will close our 11 o’clock worship with the song, “Lord I Need You.” I love this tune! The lyrics of the song are a great prayer for us through this season of Lent as we bow before a holy God and proclaim above all, “Lord I need you.”

Rev. Corey Moses
Associate Pastor

Lent Devotionals: Wednesday, March 29

Just do it


“I just can’t do it.” Have you ever spoken those words when faced with something that seems too great? I have! Perhaps you’ve been offered a job opportunity, but are afraid you’re not skilled enough. You may have been asked to teach a Sunday School class, but fear you don’t know the Bible well enough. God may have put it on your heart to write a book, but the voice that clamors for your attention says that you’ll fail. Often the thing that God lays out for us to do is bigger than we are.

The good thing is, it isn’t at all about our goodness, strength, or wisdom. In fact, the opposite is true. God chooses those who are insecure about themselves so that the ultimate credit goes to him. You see, when we do something out of our weakness and God’s strength, it is obvious to everyone that God’s power and not the strength or wisdom of man has accomplished those things.

Each day as you go about your business, acknowledge that you can’t do it, but God can. Put your dependence completely on God for his strength, wisdom and goodness – not your own. Just do it, throw yourself into the arms of Jesus and ask him to help carry you as you do the work he has called you to do. It isn’t about you, but about the God who deserves all the honor and glory. Trust that he will be there and provide for you.
Josh Leblo
Youth Ministry Director